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Much of the revitalization of Pulaski came from a monumental project undertook by PROP in 1989.


The Jefferson Downtown Project brought new curbing, new sidewalks, and heritage lamp posts.  All of this was completed by placing cable, telephone, and electrical wires underground.


Since that time, PROP has been instrumental in implementing beautification projects in South Park, landscaping along The Salmon River, the Farmer's Market, the "Welcome to Pulaski" signs, and funding and supporting many village initiatives.


PROP is 100% volunteer and is always seeking new energy, talent, and ideas from interested citizens who wish to continue to make our area shine.


The PROP board meets once a month to collaborate and help to hold each committee and the group's efforts accountable for implementing projects and efforts.




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PROP Mission Statement

The PROP Mission


The purposes for which PROP is formed are to develop a plan for the preservation and revitalization of the historical, cultural, natural and architectural resources of the community of Pulaski, New York, and for the combating of community deterioration:


To participate directly and assist others in the process of implementing such plan for community enhancement;


To solicit, raise, and receive monies and hold, invest, reinvest, and distribute interest and/or principal of such monies for the development and implementation of such plan, including the making of loans, gifts, and grants in furtherance of the foregoing purposes, thereby lessening the burdens of government;


To generate public support for the realization of the foregoing purposes; and to undertake all other actions and activities incidental to the foregoing purposes.


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